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Yarn CSA

Coming next spring will be our first ever Yarn CSA. For six months the Yarn CSA will have a monthly share featuring yarn spun from our sheep's wool and dyed using plants from the farm. Each share will have a skein of natural white yarn and a skein of the naturally dyed yarn. The plant chosen for each share will be one that is growing that month and will capture the changes of the seasons through color. A color wheel will be available of the upcoming months so if you have a particular project in mind you can add on extra skeins of a particular dye lot.

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Seedling CSA

The Seedling CSA is something we are really excited about. We want you to experience the satisfaction and joy of growing your own vegetables and flowers the same way we do. To do this, we are going to start the seedlings for you and your share pick up will be timed for when the plants are ready to go in the ground! We want to take as much of the guess work out of getting your garden started - we will provide plants that have been proven in our climate to produce great food and beautiful flowers. We will also be on hand to answer your questions throughout the growing season. The Seedling Shares will have two main options - Vegetable Plot and Flower Garden. Vegetable Plot and Flower Garden come in three main sizes - Patio, Raised Bed, and Home Canner for the veggies and Hobby Florrist for the flowers. You can also choose a little of each to have flowers and vegetables in your very own garden.